Interview with Katia Abou Nader Chaaya: Top Quotes

Quote 1:

When asked about the laws regarding the use of drugs, Mrs. Chaaya made it clear that Lebanese legislation was too ambiguous and politically incorrect with its wording. A “Distributor” of drugs, for example, may be a dealer, a middleman, or a personal user who shares with others, even without the exchange of money. ” I strongly support the reviewing and re-writing of the current drug laws”. Chaaya said. ” The difference between one way a word is used in a law and another could mean a big difference [for the accused’s sentence]”.

Quote 2

“I fully oppose the jailing of addicts. Rehab is the way to go” Said Mrs. Chaaya, going on to talk about rural communities built by former addicts. “Punishment will not [reassimilate] them, but a sense of community, and purpose, a job, a family, freids who don’t do drugs, thats the solution”



Bonus: When asked why some small-time dealers and personal users of drugs were being incarcerated, while the well known and dangerous drug lords were being left alone, Mrs. Chaaya simply refused to comment. This only teased my curiosity.


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